What about Human Resource management in “old school” small companies in Spain?

Posted on 15 October, 2013


First of all, let me use the term “Old School” to talk about the way of managing of old school CEO in a very small organisations.

In my view, the first problem to solve is the organisational structure. In fact the obstacle is the nonexistent structure. So CEO must to act like an operational and front line manager. This type of companies needs “adaptable workers” (ass-kissers, poor minded workers, servant workers, emotional vampires) you have noticed I have used the term WORKERS not PROFESSIONALS. According to my opinion this kind of CEO wants dependent workers, not proactive professionals. For me, that’s means an expense of time in controlling task and operational function. So what about the mission or the vision of the small company? Who is going to define clearly the goals or the objectives to achieve? What about financial planning? Who’s going to worry about the future of the company?

Secondly, in my opinion the power is the bigger problem. The “Old school” CEO in very small companies in Spain wants POWER (all of the power) even sometimes they don’t want to assume ALL OF THE RESPONSIBILITY. Something is going wrong… Why? Because the way of none delegating means that CEO don’t lead by example. There’s no EMPOWERMENT and we have a non leader to follow. So where is the shared values system and compromise? Who’s going to motivate employees? What could happen with innovation and creativity?

To sum up, this old way of managing is going to disappear due to the lack of effectiveness to attain CEO’s own and hidden targets. And they never make a real team because the talent run away quickly.