Travelling arround… Turkey

Posted on 17 October, 2013


Hi, Backpackers! Hello Istanbul! Here we are!

DAY 1: Blue Mosque-Cistern-Hagia Sophia-Bazar
First Stop:  Blue Mosque.
Blue mosque was built by Mehmet Ağa and is located in front of Hagia Sophia.

Second Stop : The Cistern

The cistern is a subterranean structure located  very close to Sultanahmet

 the visage of Medusa

Third Stop: Amazing Hagia Sophia Cathedral.

It is well decorated with mosaics. The style is Byzantine architecture but it was converted into a mosque arround 1453.

Fourth Stop: Discovering the bazar

DAY 2: Chilling out…on cruise
Shipping Bosphorous on a cruise crossing the Sea of Marmara through to the Black Sea.

Bosphorous bridge!

Beautiful views of Black Sea  from the top.

 Anadolu Kavagi and its castle!


DAY 3: the Grand Bazaar and Hammam 

The grand bazaar was built  by  Mehmet II. I can describe it as “HUGE”.



Visiting a Hammam. The most famous is Çemberlitaş and it is located very close to bazaar.

Galata Tower

Istanbul sunsets

Istikial … and the tramway

Turkish Nights

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